Meet Sue

Sue is the founder of an Educational Learning Center in Southern California, an Amazon Best Selling Author, Small Business Mentor, Speaker, Coach, and Idea Innovator! After surviving a car accident, and finding herself with a depleted bank account at the age of forty-four, Sue describes ‘being hit by a truck’ as the moment that changed her life forever. She believes through every adversity comes opportunities and gifts that could never be imagined otherwise.

Sue enjoys working with entrepreneurs who want to start and/or grow their businesses. She has the unique gift of coming up with innovative ideas for businesses and marketing and finding opportunities where no one else would think to look.

As a passionate advocate for anyone who may have lost their identity, she strives to empower and inspire them to live their passion, and never give up on their dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem!

Sue believes that everyone has a story that should be told. Giving people an avenue for sharing their own stories, and encouraging others to share theirs, is dream that has come to fruition in her Discover Your “I” Book Series.

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